Flying With Gauss

All old is crossplatform again.

Welcome to Flying With Gauss home page.

Who we are? We are a just random people that loves games, gauss guns, crossplatform apps and so on.

Our projects

Xash3D SDL

Xash3D engine that ported to SDL. Works even on your phone! Xash3D Android

SDLash HLSDK and SDLash SoHL

HLSDKs that ported to Android and ARM.


Super fast OpenGL-to-OpenGLES translator. Originally written by Olli Hinkka

CS1.6 Client

Counter-Strike 1.6 client.dll rewrite project.

XashDS Android

Android dedicated server with x86 dynamic translator and DLL support.


You can contact with us on a Jabber conference: Or with IRC: #sdlash on a quakenet

Support us

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